Lima Very Young Arbitration Practitioners (LVYAP) is a platform for academic and social interaction, with the purpose of promoting the learning and participation of young lawyers in the Peruvian arbitration community and also at an international level.

The purpose of LVYAP is to create synergies and spaces to share knowledge and experiences among experienced practitioners, law students and young lawyers who have a deep interest in all the areas of arbitration.

LVYAP seeks to promote the development of best practices in arbitration, focused on three key aspects:

  • Promote and awaken academic curiosity of the new generations of practitioners, providing space so that novel ideas can be discussed by the most outstanding actors of arbitration.
  • Share experiences in comfortable atmospheres, not very formal, despite the commitment to offer high quality products.
  • Promote learning, in favor of the academic development of the Peruvian arbitration community and the professional development of those involved in LVYAP.